How to Recover Router Password {Step by Step Guide}

Recover Router Password: In this digital era internet has emerged out to be the lifeline of people of this age. The installation of routers in schools, offices, organizations and nowadays in personal home spaces has emerged out to be a very common practice. I presume that the audience of this article is well-equipped with the basic functionality of the routers and the restraints offered by it.

It’s a common practice to set up a strong username and password for your router to prevent leakage of your data. Or to prevent your internet data from being used by someone else without any information on your end.

However, to ensure the security of the router, there have been many cases in which the owner itself forgets the password that he had set to prevent unauthorized access to his router.

3 Ways to Recover Router Password With Ease

There are many cases in which the user or the owner doesn’t even know the router’s default login. If you are amongst the slot that is facing the same set of issues, then don’t panic. In this article, we are targeting to resolve similar kind of issues. Hence, listing a list of different options that can try at the user end to recover router password.

However, if you are working with a router for which you initially don’t know the password. Then, in that case, a user needs to reset the router to use its default settings. They can find out what are the default credentials. Here, comes the list of solutions that you can opt for:

Finding the Default Username and Password

Before the user attempts to reset the router to its default settings. The user should first try to log into the device by using the default username and password. There might be a possibility that the first credentials have not changed since then. Since the resetting of the router resets all of its settings hence; it’s a good practice to try out feeding the first credentials in the first place. Now, there are many ways in which such information could be located. Most probably, this method would recover router password.

  1. Go through the manual of the specific router: Almost all the different models of the routers, even those that have been manufactured by the same company, have a different username and password combinations. To locate the default username and password, at first, you have to look into the manual. If in case, the manual has been lost then you can locate it by simply typing the routers model number and the manual on Google, or you can type in to search the routers model number and the default password.
  2. Look into the router and locate a sticker: Some of the different models of router, particularly the ones that have come from the Internet Service Providers always contain certain unique passwords. A user can get access to these passwords by looking into the sticker of the router itself.
  3. Attempt to feed a common username and password combination: By default, there are many routers which go on using a blank username and password. Like the username might be “admin” and the password for that router might also be the same
  4. Go through RouterPasswords: If you have already made several attempts by trying manual and default username and passwords and they are still not working out you can go through the site as mentioned wherein you can easily find out a comprehensive list of default usernames and passwords from various routers
  5. Look for Default Username & Password in our List: Simply, go through the below mentioned drop-down menu & find your default user and password.

Resetting of the Local Router to Factory Default Settings

Almost all of the routers have a small, hidden button that can press out. You can press the buttons to reset the device to its default factory settings. This is going to erase any configuration changes that have been made to the router. It includes its forwarded ports, parental controls, customized passwords, and network settings.

Once the reset has performed, a user can easily access the router by using its default username and passwords. But, the user needs to spend some time in the configuration of the router. The exact location of the reset button can vary from router to router. Hence, the user must refer to the router’s manual to look into the model-specific instructions.

However, in most of the cases, the process is generally the same. To find the reset button, the user can look on the back end of the device where a button labeled “reset” could find. Which often locates in a depressed hole and cannot  press accidentally.

Now, to reset the router, the user needs to press that button for at least ten seconds. After releasing it the router will automatically reset itself to the factory default settings. Then it would reboot. After resetting the router, a user can log into the device by using the default username and password. Hence, you’ll be easily able to recover router password using this method.

Forwarding of the Ports Without Knowing the Password

If you are in need just to open the router’s web interface and forward the ports for a game, or a particular type of network program, then it’s actually not necessary to know the routers password.

This trick can also apply if you are already using someone else’s network and you do not know the password. Many routers support UPnP, that is, Universal Plug and Play which allows the programs fed on the system to ask the router to open certain ports for them. So these were the easy to use methods to recover router password within minutes.