Admin Login, User, Password & IP Setting Guide is one of the most popular IP addresses of your WiFi router. This it is slightly uncommon than the traditional IPs such as or It has more or less the same functionality as the former one. If you have discovered that your router uses this IP address and you want to know more about this, this article is the right place to be.

So now, we will learn more about what are the benefits of using this IP. How to login to Gateway ?What are the possible problems that you can deal with by using this IP and the ways of changing this IP address.

How To Login To IP Address

Here are the simple steps by following which you can log into this IP gateway.

  • First, enter the IP address in the address bar of web browser connected to the same network as the router or simply click on “Access Router Panel” button mentioned below.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

  • It does not necessarily have to be a PC; you can do this on a mobile device as well. Just make sure that the mobile devices connected to the same WiFi router.
  • Once you have entered this IP address into the search bar and hit enter. You are presented with a popup from which will ask you for the user id and password. Enter the default username and password that comes with your router. How it should be in the user manual or on their official website. If you do not know the default user id and password or have forgotten it, you can check for the default login credentials from the below list or recovery lost router password from here.
  • Assuming that you know your default login lentils and have entered them. Please OK and you should be taken directly to the firmware page of your respective router. So there, you can change the router firmware version and updated to a latest one. If there is an update available, you can change your login credentials, change the advanced network settings and so much more.

Note that you may not be able to change some settings because you do not hold the authority to modify the settings. Even after login with the administrative privileges for that. Some routers will set a separate admin password but usually, the credentials are pretty straightforward. At least in my case of in a DSL router manufactured by D-Link, both the user id and password happen to be an admin, that’s it.

List of Default Router Username & Password

Here, you will find the list of all the default usernames and passwords needed to log in to the IP gateway. Just click on the drop-down menu and select your router’s brand.

Problems That You Might Face With IP

Note that these problems or not specific to the IP address. And are universal to produce any router IP configuration. Limitations of using this IP address is that this is a local IP address for meaning that you have to be in the vicinity of your network. To do any changes to the power of the router, apparently. You cannot modify the address of your home router by connecting to some other network. Because, that it will have its dedicated server and a dedicated IP with separate login credentials to it.

You can check your manufacturer’s official website for more details. Regarding the changes as well as the limitations that can face while using that router’s firmware via its designated IP address. Once you get access to the administrative privileges, you can do a lot with your router’s default settings. You can change the passkey, refresh rate security configuration and more. With some knowledge and Research, you can get more out of your modem then you possibly thought was possible.

What To Do If You Have Forgotten The Username And Password

In case you have Recently changed the default username and password of your router. I forgot what they were, don’t worry. You can quickly reset your router to its default configuration and then login using the default credentials once again. To do that, you need to find a Reset key which is present in your router’s body. It is somewhere around the sides or on the bottom.

It’s a small pin sized button which you need to push. You can do it by using a toothpick or a thin, sharp tool for about 10 seconds. You have to push it to reset your router to its default configuration.

Once the router has reset, the lights blink and it will start back up again. Now you can connect to the network using the default id as I entered by the manufacturers. This is how you can reset it in case you forgot the login credentials to it.

So this was exciting and useful information about the IP gateway. With the right amount of tweaking, you can get better control over your rotor. You can do necessary but essential stuff such as updating your firmware periodically in a more comfortable way.